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Welcome to Plant the Land Team--Gaza

Vegan Food Justice and Community Projects Team

Plant the Land Team is a vegan food justice and community projects volunteer team based in Gaza, co-founded by Anas Arafat, a lawyer and longtime humanitarian aid activist based in Gaza, and Laura Schleifer, a Jewish USAmerican vegan, Free Palestine solidarity activist a

nd overall activist for human, animal and earth liberation. Plant the Land Team buys and distributes vegan food, plants food forests on public land, and provides Gazan farmers with seeds and planting tools. Previous fundraising projects have also included providing plant-based insulin to children with diabetes, providing medical treatment, raising the money for a village water well to be built, and our yearly vegan food fundraiser for Ramadan. 

About Our Organization

Inspired by a desire to bring vegan food justice work to Palestine and to help Gazans suffering under the ongoing Israeli blockade, Plant the Land Team combines veganism, ecology, communalism, education and mutual aid to empower Palestinians to resist Israeli sanctions, teach the world about their situation and utilize their own land. Here you can learn more about who we are and what we do.


If ever there will be true peace, it will come through mutual aid efforts and solidarity between people, not through the machinations of those in power. Through connecting the vegan movement and other communities with Palestinians in Gaza, we aim to educate and empower people from other parts of the world to directly communicate with, learn from, and support Palestinians.

Building Peace through Grassroots Solidarity

What We Do

 Vegan Food Justice and Community Projects through Mutual Aid Support for Palestine

Plant the Land Team--Gaza is a grassroots collaboration between local Gazan community activists and international solidarity activists within the vegan community and beyond to provide life-sustaining foods and services to Gaza in a way that respects and sustains all life. 


Providing vegan food and Basic Necessities directly to families in need

In our ongoing emergency campaigns, Anas and the team of volunteers buy, package and distribute plant-based food, medicine, winter coats and blankets, and other parcels to families in need. Due to the Israeli sanctions preventing goods from being imported or exported from Gaza, much of Gaza is on the brink of starvation, freezing to death, dying from lack of medical care, and other preventable deaths. Plant the Land Team provides emergency aid to families while also working on longer-term solutions such as planting food forests and community gardens on public land to produce food that will be freely available to everyone. 

Empowering Local Palestinians to Create Self-Directed Solutions to Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis

Plant the Land Team is organized and directed by Gazan volunteers living within Gaza, not outsiders. Our organization is entirely Palestinian-led, non-hierarchical and volunteer-run, with no overhead costs. 100% of all proceeds donated to Plant the Land Team are sent directly to Gaza.


Planting Seeds for Future Generations

While Plant the Land Team--Gaza provides emergency aid to those in need, we also work on projects geared towards building the conditions needed for Palestinian liberation. Longer-term community projects include building village water wells, providing housing repairs, planting food forests and community gardens on public land, and providing farmers with seeds and tools for planting. Future projects include plans to raise the funds to purchase land for communities to share for growing food, and to open a school focused on helping Palestinian children develop respect for the animals and local ecology.


Contact Us

Get in touch with Plant the Land Team--Gaza to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.


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